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Login to RUOnTheNet Affiliate Programs provide you with the best method to increase sales. 5 -10 -20 +% increase in sales is realistic with this enhanced online sales and marketing program.

Access a network of hundreds of sale agents and companies in advertising your products and services.

Affiliate Programs can increase your sales substantially. All without any upfront costs (a true pay per performance program). while branding of your company and its products and services across the web.
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About Us

R U On The Net was created with the understanding that "there is always enough for everyone."

We are a boutique firm that consults to clients that conduct business online.

As a web-based marketing and sales enterprise, R U On The Net provides:

  • web traffic management,
  • lead analysis,
  • affiliate programs,
  • online sales and marketing, and also
  • designs and hosts interactive, dynamic web sites including database management.
Since 1996, R U On The Net has actively contributed to the online success of a variety of international clients who have realized increased web-generated actions, higher conversions and lower related web expenditures.

R U On The Net operates on a pay-per-performance basis. The long-term partnership arrangement offers direct access to an existing affiliate network and to the experiences and skill sets of R U On The Netís team of professionals.

Through our division , we develop and manage independent affiliate (referral) programs.

The Key Net Links affiliate network comprises hundreds of successful websites and businesses actively looking for opportunities to market new products and services to their online visitors.

Key Net Links will match your products and services with top producing affiliates that offer complimentary traffic to your own, creating an attractive alliance for all parties involved.

The power of the Key Net Links network is its great reach, depth and influence across the Internet. Each affiliate's success depends on their ability to create results for your web site.

R U On The Net will provide a comprehensive marketing package to increase your online success and fit within your budget whether you select an affiliate program, lead analysis, or online marketing tools.

Our dedicated team of business developers, Internet marketers and affiliate managers take pride in providing personal and outstanding results.

We are results driven. And your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Unlock your potential with R U On The Net.

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